Friday, 29 May 2020

Handmade Eid Gifts 2020

Assalamu Alaikum everyone!
Firstly, we hope you all had a lovely Eid and that you all enjoyed yourselves, insha'Allah. We helped our Mum make a nice, yummy breakfast spread, enjoyed our simple handmade gifts and played charades as a family, masha'Allah.
In todays post we will be showing you the handmade gifts we received. So let's begin!

Sumayyah made lots of things, masha'Allah. She made our Mum and Dad these cute little hearts from felt...
...a painting with Zainab for our Dad...
...these adorable key rings for Hanifah, Maryam and Zainab...
...and an abstract cheetah drawing for Maryam, masha'Allah.
We love her creative side!

Our Mum made us all something too. She made Hanifah and Maryam these beautiful "explosion" boxes!
Words can't describe how beautiful they are, masha'Allah!
We love the different patterned cards.
And zines for Zainab and Sumayyah.
Zainab's is a unique, geometric-shaped one...
...and Sumayyah's is the square one.
And lastly... this present we all worked on (Hanifah, Maryam, Zainab and our Mum). It took half a month of continuous plotting, writing, creating, drawing, painting, designing, and much more, subhana'Allah!!!
But when it was finished we all couldn't wait for Eid to show Sumayyah her gift.
Alhamdulillah when she got it she was very very happy. It's the sequel to an original story we wrote two Ramadans ago. You can click here to see the first book. It is a spin off of a popular fairy-tale, can you guess which one?
Oh, we forgot to mention, Maryam started baking three days before Eid to gift us all with Brownies, Welsh Cakes, Gingerbread and a Fruit Cake. Masha'Allah they were all delicious!

Well that is all we have for this week. We would love to know what little things you did to make your Eid special. May Allah keep you all safe and in good health, Ameen.
Until next Friday, insha'Allah.

Love and wasalaam,

Friday, 22 May 2020

More Photography!

Assalamu Alaikum everyone!
Since Eid is, insha'Allah, the day after tomorrow we thought we would share with you some of the photographs we took throughout Ramadan. As we're sure you already know, we really enjoy photography and often go around our house and garden taking random photos. We take a lot of our cat, and animals in general, because we love them so much and they are all beautiful creations from Allah.
So without further delay, let's jump right in to the first picture!

The first three are of this little cutie, masha'Allah. They were all taken on different days, we can't remember when exactly :).
This one was taken in the morning...
...and late afternoon.
Here is a picture of one of our meals in Ramadan. It was yummy, masha'Allah!
A spread in Maryam's Qur'an Journal.
Subhana'Allah! Look at this huge moth we found in our garden the other day. What was even more fascinating was that it was a bright yellow colour underneath.
Here is a photo of some little tomatoes Maryam picked this month from here garden, masha'Allah. Maryam has stopped gardening now, because it is starting to get very hot again. Insha'Allah she will start again in the cooler months.
And last but not least we have our cat, Cata. These photos were taken today, afew hours after her shower. Masha'Allah, she is now nice and clean for Eid.
Look at that face, masha'Allah!
Well that is all we have for today. We hope you have all had a good Ramadan and that you enjoy your Eid, insha'Allah.

Love and Wasalaam,

Friday, 15 May 2020

All Our Date Recipes

Assalamu Alaikum.
We know we said we would do a date recipe but, unfortunately, we haven't been able to get round to it. We've just been extra busy this Ramadan.
So in today's post we'll be linking to all the date recipes we have shared on our blog. Here they are:

This recipe is an old favourite in our house and is definitely a crowd pleaser.

We make different variations of these all the time! They are so easy and quick to whip up, alhamdulillah.

These are simple to make and quite filling too, so make sure to let the younger kids get involved!

Growing up, we all loved Date Ma'moul. This is Hanifah's version which we all love, masha'Allah.

Dates are not the highlight of this recipe, but they are an important part and do make these brownies extra yummy!

This recipe is arguably our favourite on this list. We have already made it this Ramadan and the taste never gets old. It is basically mini doughnuts swimming in date syrupy goodness. We highly recommend you give it a go.

Well that is all we have for you this Friday. We are now in the last 10 days of Ramadan and that is another reason we have been busy and tired lately! We're sorry again for not having a new recipe. Insha'Allah we plan to get more organised and have some 'new' posts for you all.
Until then, insha'Allah.

Love and wasalaam,